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Economy Package

What Do Your Photos and Marketing Materials Say About You?

What sort of impression do you want your listing to make to potential buyers? Make it one they won’t forget with amazing Wide Angle Photographs and our Premium Marketing Suite.

Our professional photos and marketing materials and designed to create interest, grab attention and get potential buyers to look closer at the property.

Before submitting your order please ensure the property is photo ready. Additional charges outside service area may apply.

All Inclusive Price of $134.95* Gets You The Following:

Wide Angle HDR Photographs ($75)

Wide Angle HDR Photography
You probably know already that about 90% of home buyers begin their home search online these days. That means that the first impression of your listing will be your photos. So the question is, what impression do you want to send to these buyers? Will your photos ooh and awe these buyers or will they have them clicking on to the next listing?

Read more about our HDR Wide Angle Photos

Marketing Suite ($45)

Is your listing getting the exposure it needs? Give your listing the edge it needs to stand apart from the competition with our premium marketing suite. Our beautifully designed single property website is powered by WordPress, so you will be able to create blog posts, announce your open house and even add pages if you so desire.

Video is the new trend. Our awesome HD Virtual Tours, which is uploaded to YouTube, will impress buyers and get them clicking through to your website. Our print materials are beautiful and elegant and our Postcard even comes in EDDM approved format.

Here is everything you get:

Read more about our Marketing Suite

Craigslist and Backpage Entry With Auto Renewal ($10)

There are still plenty of buyers on Craigslist and Backpage these days, so advertising on these sites is still a good idea. The problem is with so many people posting on these sites your ads are being bumped off the first page sometimes as soon as 15 minutes after you post the ad.

Our solution is to renew the ads for you as soon as they become available. That way your listing gets maximum exposure with the buyers surfing Craigslist and Backpage.

Read more about our Craigslist and Backpage Entry services


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*For up to 1,500 S.F. See below for properties over 1,500 S.F.

From To Cost
0 1,500 Base Price
1,501 3,000 + $10
3,001 Above + $10/1,000
*An additional service charge of $15 for having to return to property on separate days where fault was not ours. If applicable, additional trip charge for out of service area will be added in addition to the service charge.Visit our FAQ page for more details. Additional charges outside service area may apply.

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