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By submitting an order you certify that the home is ready for photos. Our photographers are not responsible for moving items or staging the home in any way.

Color accuracy is not guaranteed and minor imperfections may be present. No additional editing or corrections will be made. Requests to remove any items from the photos that were present at the time of taking the photos such as oil stains on driveway, power lines, dead grass, ect can be requested at a cost of $2.50-$5.00 per photo, depending on the complexity of the request.

Photos taken on Saturday will be returned on Monday along with MLS input sheets.

Same Day Cancellations

Any scheduled appointment that is canceled the same day or after 5pm the day before the scheduled appointment will incur a $25 same day cancellation fee. Our photographers will photograph on rainy days unless their equipment is in danger of being damaged by the rain. Any same day postponement or cancellation due to the weather will still incur a $25 same day cancellation fee.

Neighborhood Photos

Neighborhood photos must be requested at time of ordering. We do not guarantee a specific amount of neighborhood photos. Rocket Lister retains the right to reuse neighborhood photos and resell them as “Stock Neighborhood Photos” as they are sold with usage rights and not ownership rights.

Location of desired neighborhood photos must be given on the order form. Our photographers will not drive around looking for neighborhood amenities unless directions are given and will not break and laws or rules regarding trespassing in an attempt to get neighborhood photos. We must have permission and access to each requested area. We will not photograph neighborhood pools/spas that contain people and we will not photograph schools without written authorization from a representative of the school.

Return Trip Charges

There is a $25 charge for having to return to the property where the fault was not ours. This includes, but is not limited to: no key in lockbox, request for post installation on a separate day than photos, gate code or alarm code not given.

Distance Charges

We service most of the valley, however, we do incur extra travel expenses for gas and time for locations outside of our normal service area, so we charge extra for those properties. By submitting the order you agree to pay the distance charges according to our Service Area rate sheet.

Post Installation/Removal

It is your responsibility to inform Rocket Lister that the listing has closed so that we may pick up our sign post. If we can not recover our post for any reason including being lost, stolen or damages beyond repair, there will be a $55 replacement fee.

We are not responsible for signs falling off of the post for any reason, including, but not limited to weather, vandalism, or faulty posts. Posts will be installed on the property at the installers discretion, unless a preferred location is expressed by the agent beforehand. A return trip charge of $15 will be assessed to return to the property to move the post to a new location.

It is your responsibility to inform Rocket Lister of specific HOA rules regarding post regulations. If a post is removed by the HOA and we are not able to recover the post there will be a lost post fee of $55 assessed to the agent.

Agents may not remove the post from the property. We will not go to a different location to pick up the post. Posts removed from the property will be considered “lost” and a lost post fee of $55 will be assessed.

A removal request may be placed by phone or email. We will usually remove the post within 2 business days of the removal request being placed.

If we damage an irrigation or sprinkler line we will send our landscaper to repair it within two business days. If it is a main water line we will send someone out asap. We will not pay a vendor that a third party contracted to repair the water line as we have our own.

MLS Entry

We will input listings for agents upon request. The login information that is submitted on the account registration page and/or order form must be an administrative login that is provided by ARMLS. Personal ARMLS logins should not be given to Rocket Lister. Rocket Lister assumes no liability for any other login information provided that is not for support personnel. Extra fees may apply for this “admin” login. Please contact ARMLS for the “Application form for administrative support personnel access to ARMLS” to give Rocket Lister permission to enter listings into your FlexMLS.

Storing Agents Property

We will store agents signs, riders and lockboxes for free. We will install the sign, rider or lockbox at the time the photos are taken most of the time. The agent must request the installation of their sign/rider/lockbox at the time the order is placed. We will not install the items without being instructed to.

We will track the agents inventory, but it is ultimately up to the agent to ensure we have the appropriate amount of items needed to fulfill all orders. We are not responsible for damage or loss of the agents sign, rider or lockbox while they are on the property.

We will not store agents brochure boxes or flyer tubes left on our posts. Agents brochure boxes or flyer tubes need to be removed from the post prior to us removing the post. We are not responsible for agents lost or stolen brochure boxes or flyer tubes.

Removing Agents Property

We will remove the agents items upon request once the listing closes for free. We will only remove items that we were instructed to remove. Other items will be left at the property. If the incorrect codes are given for lockboxes we will attempt to contact the agent for the correct code. If we are unable to reach the agent we will leave the lockbox at the property and it will be the agents responsibility to remove it from the property. We will return to remove the item(s) at the agent request and bill the agent a $15 return trip charge.

Text for Info Riders

Text for Info sign riders are provided as free lead generating tool for agents. From time to time we run out of stock of our Text for Info sign riders. In such event we will not return to place the sign rider on the post once we have more in stock, however, the agent is able to pick up a Text for Info sign rider at our office if prior notice is given.

We will not place our Text for Info sign riders on posts that are not ours.

Vacant Properties

We reserve the right to change the time photos are to be taken on the day of the scheduled photo shoot if the property is vacant. If we are required to meet someone at the property we must be told so at time of ordering.

Usage Rights

All photography and media created by Rocket Lister is property of and copyrighted by Rocket Lister. The photos and media may be used by the purchasing agent only in order to market and sell the subject property and may never be sold to any third parties for use in any way. Photos used in publication such as magazines(print or online) must include the following photo credit: “Photo(s) by Rocket Lister LLC”.

Rocket Lister reserves the right to use it’s photos and media for it’s own marketing purposes at any time unless prior written agreement has been made.

Rocket Lister may resell usage rights to photos previously taken once the original listing agent who purchased the photos is no longer the listing agent for the property.


A credit card is required to book an appointment. We will not process payment until all work has been completed. Payment via check is allowable for those with no history of late payments. If we are unable to collect payment within seven (7) days of the invoice being sent out we will reach out to the owner for payment. Credit cards on file may be used for payment on any prior invoices that are outstanding. If any amount of the invoice is disputed by the Client, the Client shall inform Rocket Lister of the grounds for such dispute within seven (7) days of invoice date and shall pay Rocket Lister the value of the invoice less the disputed amount in accordance with these payment terms. Invoices that are 30 days or more overdue may be sent to collections and will include any debt collector fees, and if applicable, any lost post fees if we were unable to recover our post.

Pricing for most of our services is based off of the square footage of the property. We will verify the actual square footage on the county assessors website and adjust the final invoice price if necessary when applying payment to the invoice. This may be disputed using an appraisers square footage calculation.

Email Opt-In

You will automatically be opted into our email database to receive occasional emails from Rocket Lister about new products and services. You may unsubscribe at anytime by clicking on the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email you received.

We reserve the right to change the Terms and Conditions at anytime without notice.

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