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Post & Sign Installation

Being an agent is fun and exciting.  You know what isn’t fun and exciting? Lugging a big heavy sign to your listing and ruining your nice clothes digging a hole in the ground!

Why bother? Let us do the dirty work. We will install one of our posts and even install your signs and riders for you. After the property sells we will return to remove the sign at no additional charge. We can leave your sign and riders there or take them with us in preparation for your next order!

For just $37.50 we will install a sign post and:

  • Hang your signs and riders
  • Remove post and signs after listing closes at no additional charge
  • Leave sign and riders at the property or take them with us in preparation for your next order
  • Sign posts come with rider clips included on top of post
  • Post stays up until your listing sells with no post renewal fees ever!
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*An additional service charge of $15 for having to return to property on separate days where fault was not ours. If applicable, additional trip charge for out of service area will be added in addition to the service charge.

Visit our FAQ page for more details. Additional charges outside service area may apply.

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